I desperately needed something to help me sleep. The bbhugme pregnancy pillow proved to be an absolute life(sleep)saver!
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I bought the bbhugme pregnancy pillow following a particularly exhausting shift in paediatric A&E. I was 16 weeks pregnant and had already started to struggle sleeping due to my growing bump feeling like it was pulling on my back. I suffered lower back pain from really early on in my pregnancy, which was frustrating as I had been very fit and active prior to my pregnancy. My job as a children’s doctor is also particularly demanding; requiring me to be on my feet all day for long shifts, at antisocial hours, so I desperately needed something to help me sleep. The bbhugme pregnancy pillow proved to be an absolute life (sleep) saver!

I used the pillow for every single sleep of my pregnancy – daytime, night-time, naptime – you name it. I loved the way it hugged my bump and moulded to fit my shape. I also felt it helped with swelling as I could keep my ankles up. I used it on the sofa behind my back to support my lumbar spine when I was watching TV.

I actually refused my husband’s offer of a babymoon abroad because I couldn’t face the thought of trying to sleep at 30 weeks pregnant without my bbhugme! We ended up in Liverpool for a long weekend instead, and the pillow most definitely came with us on the train (the bag it comes in is extremely handy for travel!)

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I took the pillow in my “hospital bag” and it proved invaluable on the first night following an emergency C-section. I used it for breastfeeding support whilst in hospital and have continued to use it at home. It was particularly useful in the early days when I was establishing breastfeeding, to help me position baby in a place that was comfortable for both me and her. One thing that surprised me was how useful it was after my c-section for supporting my abdomen and wound while sleeping. I love the way it can be tied in a ring to support baby as well.

I have waxed lyrical about this pillow to absolutely anyone that will listen. It would 100% be on a list of my “top ten” baby/pregnancy products that I couldn’t do without, and is without a doubt the best pregnancy purchase I made.

Warmly Dr. Harriet Plowright. 

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