International sales & promotion manager

About bbhugme. 

bbhugme is a Norwegian company that has achieved great success with the multifunctional pregnancy and nursing pillow bbhugme. bbhugme is a progressive company in growth with a goal to continue to create functional and innovative products for mothers and babies - always with a focus on design and quality. The head office is located in downtown Oslo and the brand has retailers throughout Scandinavia. bbhugme has, through its innovative design, won the heart of many women both in Norway and around the world. For more corporate and product information:,  Our vision is "a world of happier bellies and babies".

Role and Responsibility. 

We are looking for someone who has extensive experience in working with successful brands in sales and distribution. Any previous experience as a Key Account in a rapidly growing production and retail company is top notch, as well as experience in various strategic positions within production and retail. You also understand internal models as well. In short, you know all aspects of sales.

The work requires well-developed strategic and analytical skills. You will be responsible for building up a comprehensive strategy for our international sales and implement it through frequent collaborations with distributors and retailers. You will oversee that promotions take place at the right time and gives us the exposure we want. Also, you will make sure that the bbhugme brand is perceived correctly by use of current marketing materials as well as be responsible for promoting direct sales via our online shop. There are a variety of exciting challenges and opportunities up for grabs, and the role will be adapted to suit your strengths. You will plan promotional programs that generate interest in bbhugme. In short, you are in continuous contact with distributors and stores to analyse sales and customer satisfaction.

Skills required. 

Communication and the ability to form professional relations are critical. You might be able to open doors should you know a foreign language; however we know that you are at least strong in one of the Scandinavian languages plus in English. Our target group are pregnant women and new parents who are very active on social media, so in order to understand our customers you use digital media daily to gather information and create contacts.

You can independently initiate, organize and follow up various events for influencers and ambassadors, whether in Oslo or Amsterdam. In short, you are fearless and confident, you drive a smart bargain, and you always deliver.

Together with the team, you will work in a small organisation with short decision-paths and at a high pace. We like innovative and creative problem solving skills. If these are some of your strengths, you will fit right in with us. We also believe that you are independent and proactive. You are motivated to see the organisation improve, and find it easy to understand your own role in its development. We are extremely passionate about continually moving onwards and upwards, and we are looking forward to having you as one of our new driving forces!

Your office will be in one of downtown Oslo's newest office spaces… when you are not traveling to meet with distributors and retailers.

How to apply. 

Please submit your application to as soon as possible. The position is brand new and will be in effect as soon as we’ve found you!