Are you our new bbhugme Ambassador?

Like you, we are passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth. Our contribution is using our professional background and experience to create smart and functional products that help make the journey into motherhood easier.

The bbhugme™ Pregnancy Pillow is developed and designed by Norwegian female Chiropractors. Only a few years after we launched the bbhugme pregnancy pillow, it is endored by healthcare professionals all over Scandinavia and loved by thousands of pregnant women - that’s how we know that our products really do make a difference.

We’d love your support to reach out to pregnant women in your country. We are looking for highly motivated health professionals who want to learn more about our philosophy and products.

For more information, pls contact:

Hilde Tavares, e-mail: hilde.tavares@bbhugme.no

Founder - Chiropractor - Mum