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See the how the bbhugme™ Pregnancy Pillow can support you through your pregnancy. Read more….

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Simple tips for a rested pregnancy

We know that getting comfortable enough to enjoy a full night’s sleep during pregnancy can be a challenge. There are many reasons for discomfort and disturbed sleep as your baby grows and your body adapts but one of the most common reasons that we often don’t consider is that you could simply be doing too much during the day. Read more…

What is happening with your pubic bone?

Does it ever feel like your pubic bone is on fire? Or like your pelvis is just not cooperating with you? Like one part  seems to wanna be moving in one direction, while the other in the complete opposite direction?


Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

 Does it ever feel like your pelvis is on fire or if it’s simply not co-operating with you? Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy is no laughing matter but it can be manageable. Read more…